Module 24, 25 2-23-2010

Module 24, 25 2-23-2010 - Introductory Psychology Dr...

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Introductory Psychology Dr. Cynthia Suveg February 23, 2010 Module 24: Language and Thought --Need Module 17; don’t need 16 (on hypnosis) for exam 1. Language development 1. Receptive language: can a child understand what you’re saying? – Approximately 7 months old 2. Expressive language: can a child express what they’re feeling? 1. Early expressive – approximately 18 months 2. Expressive language – approximately 24 months 3. Expressive explosion – approximately 28 months 4. Kids also learn syntax – the proper order of words 3. Inborn Universal Grammar: Chomsky 1. That the child, left alone, will start to talk on their own 4. Operant learning: Skinner 1. Reinforce efforts at speaking 2. Kids developed language because they’re reinforced or punished for learning or not learning language 5. Childhood is a critical/sensitive period for fully developing certain aspects of language 6. Genes design the mechanisms for a language, and experience modifies the brain (so a combination of Chomsky’s and Skinner’s ideas) 7. As you get older, it’s much harder to learn a second language (prior to age seven is when kids are most likely to pick up a second language) 2. Thinking 1. Do Animals think? 1. Common cognitive skills in humans and apes 1. Concept formation 2. Insight 3. Problem solving 4. Culture 2. The Case of Apes 1. Gardner and Gardner (1969) used American Sign Language (ASL) to train Washoe, a chimp, who learned 181 signs by the age of 32
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Module 24, 25 2-23-2010 - Introductory Psychology Dr...

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