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reading check #3 - Jenell Williams UF-ID: 9985-2140 June...

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Jenell Williams UF-ID: 9985-2140 June 18, 2010 Reading Check #3 To some I may be the really weird person because what drive me are children and their surroundings. I love children and strongly believe that they are who we must invest time in. As I walk around campus a lot of African American UF students have a poor definition of success. They all act like crabs in a bucket. Instead of pulling on another up they fight to pull each other down on the way to the top. I know girls and guys that spend their entire financial aid on clothes and liquor, never once thinking of putting any into savings. In a sense it’s like a fashion show amongst them. They judge you based on how expensive you look on a consistent basis. Success for the girls is how many football players’ numbers you can get, or how many designer tags you have, or what kind of car you drive. For the guys its how many girls you can get into your bed or trying to make a living playing sports and focusing just enough to pass a class versus learn from the class. I saw a video of a little boy rapping a video to “wacka flocka flame”. The song is full of curse
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reading check #3 - Jenell Williams UF-ID: 9985-2140 June...

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