BCIS8 - Chapter 8 1. SRM is a _system. (cross-functional)...

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Chapter 8 1. SRM is a __system. (cross-functional) 2. A Web farm is a facility that runs multiple Web: (servers) 3. It is important to have ___ in place when trying to develop an interorganizational system. (Collaboration agreements) 4. B2B refers to e-commerce sales between: (companies) 5. E-commerce also improves the flow of __ so users can more actively compare vendors. (price information) 6. The __ tier of the three-tier server architecture is where the computers that process applications reside. (server) 7. The __ is a natural dynamic that occurs because of the multistage nature of supply chains. (bullwhip effect) 8. EDI and __ are the two main alternatives for exchanging data and business documents over the Internet to support standard business transactions. (XML) 9. __ is a standard of formats for common business documents. (EDI) 10. Ideally, the SRM system of a purchaser should have an interface with the __ system of the seller, so that recurring purchases can be automated. (CRM) 11. The term “supply chain” is misleading, because in reality, it is more of a __of many partners both up and down the supply chain. (network) 12. Any information not directly related to a meeting with potential partners in an interorganizational information system project should be carefully guarded because it is possible that today’s partner could be tomorrow’s: (competitors) 13. With respect to Porter’s value chain model, SRM supports both the inbound logistics portion of the primary activities and the __ support activity. (Procurement) 14. The ___ sponsors the development and dissemination of Web standards. (W3C) 15. The process of a program on one computer accessing programs on another computer is called __. (distributed computing) 16. SRM software is especially useful for finding and assessing: (vendors)
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17. HTML is: (the most popular Web programming language.) 18. When you go to check out and pay for your goods on an e-commerce site, a program will be called from the __ server to process your payment. (commerce) 19. ___ would be an example of using an information system to gain competitive advantage. (Developing a Web service to share information with a supply chain partner) 20. HTML is used to: (define the structure and layout of Web pages) 21. If you notice that one of your supply chain partners has a security hole in their inventory system, it is __ to write a program that would exploit that hole. (illegal)
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BCIS8 - Chapter 8 1. SRM is a _system. (cross-functional)...

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