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Chapter 7 1. It is ___ for organizations to choose to modify the standard blueprints for business processes when doing an ERP implementation. (Rare) 2. ___ Systems link up all the direct activities in the organization; including logistics, operations, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and support. (ERP) 3. One of the benefits of EAI software is that it: (Is less expensive and less disruptive than ERP, Connects system islands, Integrates only parts of an organization, Leverages existing systems.) 4. Order entry is an application that is traditionally run in the functional area of: (Operations) 5. Oracle and SAP are examples of ___ software vendors. (ERP) 6. Since ERP vendors have experience in repeatedly implementing their business blueprints, they have now customized their standard blueprints to fit particular __ like retailing, healthcare, and oil and gas. (Industries) 7. Many early business process design projects failed because they were: (Tailor-made) 8. If the order entry system defines part numbers using a 6 digit code and the MRP system defines part numbers using an 8 digit code, the data must be ___ in order for the two systems to share data. (Converted) 9. Sunnydale Corporation developed a system that integrated finance and accounting. After a few months, it added Marketing to the new system, and a few months later, incorporated Sales into the system. It took three years, but eventually all of their departments were integrated into the new system. This is an example of a ___. (Step-wise implementation) 10. Systems designed to integrate the activities in the third era of information systems are called ___ systems. (Cross-functional, Process-board, Cross-departmental) 11. ___ Processes for how to use the software are built into the business application software from ERP vendors like Oracle and SAP. (Inherent) 12. ERP systems provide a __ process view of an organization. (Cross-functional) 13. Functional applications are sometimes called islands of: (Automation) 14. ___ is a follow-up on MRP that includes new linkages with sales, and personnel. (MRP II) 15. ___ Systems provides a cheaper alternative to ERP systems by making it easier to integrate existing systems. (EAI) 16. Systems used to send email are ___ systems. (Prospect generation) 17. Finding a vendor and negotiating a price for raw materials for production would be an example of a(n) ___ in Porter’s value chain model. (Primary)
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BCIS7 - Chapter 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17...

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