BCIS 12 - BCIS 12 1. _ is a protocol that uses both...

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BCIS 12 1. __ is a protocol that uses both symmetric and asymmetric encryption. (SSL) 2. A __ is a remote processing center run by a commercial disaster-recovery service that provides all the equipment needed to continue operations after a disaster. (Hot Site) 3. Because they kept giving out passwords to users who claimed to have forgotten them, the __ were a serious security risk in the organization. (Help Desk Techs) 4. __ considerations should be part of the hiring process. (Security) 5. It is possible for some malware to install itself on your computer by doing nothing more than opening a(n): (Email attachment, Web page, Document file) 6. A weakness in a security system is known as a system: (Vulnerability) 7. Firewalls produce __ of their activities, which include lists of all dropped packets, and attempts to gain unauthorized access. (Logs) 8. __ refers to things we do not know that we do not know. (Uncertainty) 9. The purpose of a(n) __ is to protect databases and other organizational data. (Data Safeguard) 10. A __ is someone who pretends to be a legitimate company and sends email requesting confidential data. (Phisher) 11. Organizations should protect sensitive data by storing it in __ form. (Encrypted) 12. Technology for protecting documents is called __. (E-DRM) 13. When an employee notices a virus on his machine, the __ plan should specify what to do.
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BCIS 12 - BCIS 12 1. _ is a protocol that uses both...

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