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hw6_revA - University of California Berkeley EE 42/100 Fall...

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University of California, Berkeley Fall 2010 EE 42/100 Prof. A. Niknejad Problem Set 6 [rev A] Due Friday (5pm), October 22, 2010 1. We are given a black box with input and output terminals. All we know about it is that (a) it is a linear time-invariant system, (b) the step response is the waveform shown below. V in V out Mysterious Box Step Input Step Response t V 1 t V Input Waveform t V 1 1 2 1 Draw the output waveform that would result from the input waveform above. Hint: First, break the input waveform into several time-shifted step functions. Then apply linearity/superposition. (Note: It would be pretty tough to build a LTI system that behaves this way. But the triangular step response makes the drawing easier. When you’re done with your drawing, imagine what it would look like if the step response were an exponential decay, like most RC circuits).
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2. A RC circuit is stimulated by a 1 V step voltage at time t = 0. R 1 = 200 kΩ and C 1 = 100 nF.
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