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Barry. KSA - Zach Helman Dr Michael Barry Global Business...

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Zach Helman Dr. Michael Barry Global Business and Economics 5-3-10 KSA Assignment 1. Do you have skills and abilities in written communication? -I have no formal written communication skills; however, I feel as though my writing, specifically in a business environment, is above average. I have had to create my own resume with guidance from the career center and have had to write several thank you letters after interviews. Formal email correspondence is also something that I have experience in, being that I must stay in constant contact with employees of the federal government for a internship I have this summer. 2. Do you have skills and abilities in oral communications? -Confidence is a big skill of mine in oral communication. I have also taken courses on interview techniques due to the fact that I have had to interview for several internships. On this note, I have been commended on my both interviews that I have had for internships this coming
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