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What do you know about the Chinese culture? China is home to many different things, for instance like martial arts. Kung fu helps you to train your spirit and mind. There are different ethnic groups and languages. China has tons of ethnic groups and languages that divided them from each other. They also have very interesting holidays and celebrations. They have festivals for all of their holidays and they last for more than one day at a time. Have you ever heard the story of the Chinese valentines? Did you know that China was one of the first to countries to make alcohol? Did you know that tea and all the techniques of it were invented by the Chinese? While parts of China are still ancient, some of it is starting to become more modern. Chinese martial arts are known as Kung Fu. Kung Fu is as much of the Chinese culture as tea is. There are a hundred different styles of Chinese boxing which include weapons. Eighteen of the boxing styles are called martial arts. The weapons consist of nine long and nine shorts such as knives, spears, swords, and clubs. Kung Fu id divided between external and internal also northern and southern styles. The external has exercises that are for the tendons, bones, and skin. Internal trains the spirit and mind, which is called chi (flow of life energy). The northern and southern styles consist of Shaolin (from the name of the temple in Honan where it was developed), Tai-chi- chuan (great limit boxing) and Hsing-I (forming an idea). Within the Shaolin style they are dragons, tigers, panthers, snakes, and crane fighting styles. In the modern day status of kung Fu there are many private martial arts teachers who are dedicated to the preservation of the traditional Chinese culture and sharing their knowledge with the world.
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In Chinese history China was divided into several different tribes. The Han people were one of the first to settle in China. As the Han thrived the horsemen of the north became envious. The Huns, Mongols, and Manchurians arrived next. There are different ways to determine the different ethnic groups. The most obvious being the distinct language. There are hundreds of dialects spoken in China. Their languages include Sino-Tibetan, Altaic, and Indo-European. It also depends on their grammatical tendencies and writing styles. The second way is recognizing the territories within the boundaries. Native history and their religion are interwoven into the land. The way they dress is also a telltale sign, such as their attire during marriages and holidays. You could also take their cuisine into consideration. And the last way to be mentioned of the differences of the tribes is their minority names. These names are set by the Han people. Chinese history remains the stability of Han Chinese Culture. The Chinese spring festival last for fifteen days and consist of three holydays.
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paper - What do you know about the Chinese culture? China...

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