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Heizer/Render, Operations Management 7 th Edition and Principles of Operations Management 5 th Edition Internet Case Study for Chapter 8: Location Strategies Southwestern University’s Location Decision With the steady growth in attendance at Saturday home football games, Southwestern University’s president, Dr. Joel Wisner, had reached a decision. The existing stadium, with seating capacity of 54,000, simply would not suffice. Forecasts showed increasing interest in the program [see Southwestern University: (B) in Chapter 4], and complaints by loyal fans and big-money athletic club boosters revealed the need for premium-class seating and luxury amenities not found in a 1950s-era stadium [see Southwestern University: (C) in Chapter 6]. But the choice of what to do was anything but clear to President Wisner. His vice president of development, Leslie Gardner, had presented three options: (1) expand the existing stadium to 75,000 seats, adding numerous luxury skyboxes and upgrading most of the yardline seats to include comfortable backings; (2) build a brand-new stadium three miles from campus on land, worth about $3 million, donated by a team booster; and (3) signing a 10-year contract with the Dallas Cowboys football team to rent their stadium, 28 miles away, for a fee of $200,000 per game.
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Chap08southwestern_location - Heizer/Render Operations...

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