soc ec - IR Overview: Book Groups 1. Within your group (3-4...

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IR Overview: Book Groups 1. Within your group (3-4 people), you will discuss your chosen text via in-class book talks. 2. BOOK TALK OVERVIEW a. During each book talk, follow this format for your discussions. Your goal is to share your ideas about the text and to garner new perspectives from your group members. Use each book talk as an opportunity to learn from others and to test your views of the text. b. First, one person is assigned the role of recorder in order to complete the report for that day (see #3). c. The recorder should briefly (2-3 minutes) review the topics from the previous book talk (if applicable). d. Then, each person shares his/her discussion questions and observations from that section of the reading, and the group members begin discussing. Do not feel as if you must share every question; allow the discussion to guide you. Discussion time is limited to 20 minutes. e. After the discussion time has elapsed, group members work together to determine what questions they have, what they want to know for next time, what conclusions they have reached, and some possible discussion topics for the next meeting. The recorder will write this information on the report sheet to be handed in. This synthesis time is limited to 10 minutes. f. Each person then completes an evaluation form. Evaluations and reports are handed in at the end of the book talk. Evaluation time is limited to 3 minutes. 3. During each book talk, you and your group members will complete a brief REPORT that will allow you to synthesize your understanding of the text and to share this understanding with me. See sample report form below (p. 2). Each report is a group grade worth 10 pts. for assessments. 4. Each member of the group will come prepared to the book talk by completing the following IR REVIEW : (each review is an individual grade worth 6 pts. for assignments) (p. 3 for rubric) a. Typed and logically organized according to requirements below b. At the top, include your name, book title, due date, and pages read (from x to y) c. 5+ discussion questions d. 1+ paragraph response (What did you like/dislike? What stood out as important? What themes do you notice? What symbols are present? Why? Etc.) e. 3+ quotations and your explanation of the importance of each 5. Each group member will fill out an EVALUATION of the group’s performance after each book talk. These evaluations, along with my own observations, will be used to determine your participation
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soc ec - IR Overview: Book Groups 1. Within your group (3-4...

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