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PSY 260 syllabus f10 24aug10 - Version 03aug10 PSY A260...

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Version 03aug10 PSY PSY A 260 (601): 260 (601): Statistics for Psychology Statistics for Psychology Fall 2010 (T/R 10:00-11:15) Fall 2010 (T/R 10:00-11:15) Instructor: Dr. John Petraitis SSB 221b, 786-1651 Open Office hours: T/R 9:15-9:45 Other Office hours: By appointment Teaching Assistant: Alex Parker Email address: TBA Open Office hours: TBA Other Office hours: By appointment OBJECTIVES : This course presents an overview of basic statistical concepts for psychology and related fields, stressing the conceptual and logical basis of statistics, as well as the mathematical basis. You will learn about basic statistical techniques used to describe and make inferences about research data, and learn how to decide which technique to use in various research situations. You will also learn how to use common statistical software to generate and interpret results from computer printouts. PSY A260-LAB : PSY a260-Lab, Statistics for Psychology Lab (1 credit) is not a co-requisite for this course; so you can take PSY a260- Lecture without simultaneously taking PSY a260- Lab . However, if you apply to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, you must pass both a260-Lecture and a260-Lab. Psychology majors, therefore, must take both and are strongly advised to take both simultaneously. DIFFICULTY : For a 3-credit course, you should expect to devote approximately 9 hours per week (3 hours attending lectures, and 6 hours reading and studying the material outside the classroom). Moreover, the prerequisites for this course are PSY 111 and MATH 105 (Intermediate Algebra). Students who are not yet capable of passing MATH 105 will be starting from a serious disadvantage and might not be able to pass this course, even with extra time and effort. Lack of effort (that is, less than 9 hours per week), missed classes and/or lack of preparation are likely to result in a poor grade and might affect your eligibility for financial aid. A
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MATERIALS : Required o (9th Ed.). John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Recommended o Petraitis, J. (Fall 2010). Lecture notes and handouts for PSY 260: Statistics for psychology . o Note: having these notes will make your note-taking during class easier, but they are NOT a substitute for attending class. Looking at slides of the lecture is a very poor substitute for hearing and seeing the lecture. Blackboard o o Announcements will be posted occasionally, and the grade-book will be updated as soon as scores are available. In addition, practice problems and answers will be posted. (These problems and answers are also available in the packet of lecture notes.) EXAMS : There are three tests, each tentatively containing three basic parts.
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PSY 260 syllabus f10 24aug10 - Version 03aug10 PSY A260...

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