This body can be considered as a member a single force

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Unformatted text preview: rigid body is subjected to forces as shown. This body can be considered as a ______ member. A) single-force B) two-force C) three-force D) six-force QUESTION F F F F How many support reactions are there for the given beam and is the problem statically determinate? A) (2, Yes) B) (2, No) C) (3, Yes) D) (3, No) QUESTION For the given beam, find a) how many support reactions are there, b) is this problem statically determinate and c) is the structure stable? Fixed support F A) (4, Yes, No) B) (4, No, Yes) C) (5, Yes, No) D) (5, No, Yes) Pin joints QUESTION AX A AY FB B θ 100 lb Which equation of equilibrium allows you to determine FB ? A) ∑ FX = 0 C) ∑ MA = 0 B) ∑ FY = 0 D) any one of the above QUESTION A beam is supported by a pin joint and a roller. How many support reactions are there and is the structure stable for all types of loadings? A) (3, Yes) C) (4, Yes) B) (3, No) D) (4, No)...
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