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Bio-110 Lab 6 1 Bio-110 Laboratory Exercise #6 – Light Microscope III Plant and animal tissues For many life forms the cell is the entire organism. Groups such as Bacteria, Archaea, and Protista are made up of unicellular organisms. But Animals, Plants and most Fungi are mutlicellular organisms. Each cell provides only a part of the body’s functions. Cells are organized into tissues. Tissue is a group of cells that are similar in structure and function. In most multicellular organisms several tissues are arranged together to form organs, the units of physiological function. The samples in today’s lab are of various plant and animal tissues. A. Plant tissues Plants are composed of three major organ groups: roots, stems and leaves. These organs are comprised of tissues working together for a common goal (function). In turn, tissues are made of a number of cells which are made of elements and atoms on the most fundamental level. There are three main types of plant tissues: dermal, ground, and vascular 1. Dermal Tissue System The dermal tissue system consists of the epidermis and the periderm . The epidermis is a single layer of closely packed cells. It both covers and protects the plant. It can be thought of as the plant's "skin." Depending on the part of the plant that it covers, the dermal tissue system can be specialized to a certain extent. For instance, the epidermis of a plant's leaves secretes a coating called the cuticle that helps the plant retain water. The periderm, also called bark, replaces the epidermis in plants that undergo secondary growth. The periderm consists of cork cells and protects the plant from pathogens, prevents excessive water loss and provides insulation for the plant.
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Bio-110 Lab 6 2 2. Ground Tissue System Ground tissue in plants in found below the dermal tissue. It synthesizes organic
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Bio-110-Lab06 - Bio-110 Lab 6 Bio-110 Laboratory Exercise...

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