Lab Quiz 2 Review Study Guide

Lab Quiz 2 Review Study Guide - L ab quiz #2 review Lab 7:...

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Lab quiz #2 review Lab 7: Biochemical tests - Types of biological molecules - Reagents used (Benedict’s, Biuret’s & Lugeol’s Iodine)- What molecules do they test for? - Procedures used in lab -Benedict’s: add reagent, boil 4-5 minutes -Lugol’s: add one drop iodine to each tube, swirl -Biuret’s: add sample to each test tube, swirl - Results and interpretation of the results - Benedict’s: color change from blue to yellow/orange/red indicates reducing sugars - Lugol’s: color change from brownish to deep blue almost black indicates starch - Biuret’s: color change to purple from blue indicates protein Lab 8: Enzyme Activity - Definitions: enzyme, catalyst, substrate; how enzymes work; denaturation -Enzyme: protein that functions as a biological catalyst, speeds up chemical reactions by lowering the activation energy necessary for a chemical reaction to proceed -Catalyst: a substance that participates in a chemical reaction without being used up in the reaction -Substrate: the reactant (the substance being acted upon) in an enzyme-catalyzed reaction. Substrate molecules combine with enzyme molecule to form a temporary enzyme-substrate complex. Products are formed and the enzyme molecule is released unchanged. -Denaturation: When an enzyme structure is changed sufficiently to destroy its function, as when heated. - Metabolic pathway of starch -Starch + salivary amylase maltose + salivary amylase + smaller fragments of the polysaccharide - salivary amylase: enzyme in mouth of humans, catalyzes the breakdown of starch by hydrolysis - Which enzyme was used in the lab, what was the source of the enzyme
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Lab Quiz 2 Review Study Guide - L ab quiz #2 review Lab 7:...

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