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Kristin Stegall Eng 101-121 K. Wine March 10, 2008 Rough Draft 1 The purpose of this paper is to analyze the theoretical paradigm and methodology of a social science article. The article I chose for this paper is “Attitudes on Dating, Courtship, and Marriage: Perspectives on In-Group Versus Out-Group Relationships by Religious Minority and Majority Adolescents” which was written by Carol Markstrom-Adams and was first published in Family Relations in January of 1991. The theory of Markstrom-Adams’ article is that (a) Mormons would be more objective to interfaith dating than non-Mormons and (b) that mate selection, as a function of dating, would be important to both religious groups. This paper will respond to the theory that religious youths like to date within their religious group and that marriage is an important factor in dating. This paper will first provide a summary of the article and all of its major points and identify and define the theoretical paradigm. This paper will also analyze the research methods that were used in the article and respond to the theoretical paradigm. The sample in this study was 47 non-Mormon high school students who are part of the religious minority and 36 Mormon high school students. These students lived in the same area where the Mormon religion is dominant. This specific topic has never been addressed in previous research and this research is exploratory which allows study of behaviors and brings about questions for further study. The research in this study is qualitative and used in depth interviewing as the primary method of data collection. The students in this study were used as informants for perspective on their attitudes pertaining to the subject of study. These students
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were chosen by religious leaders and supplied to the researcher. Interviewers met the students at
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draft 1 w comments - Kristin Stegall Eng 101-121 K. Wine...

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