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Chapter 6- Native American Pow Wow Movie notes

Chapter 6- Native American Pow Wow Movie notes - Long...

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Long before this land was called America native people danced in a circle around the drum for celebration, fellowship, renewal and healing. Today the beat of the drum resounds throughout Oklahoma. Once known as Native American territory and still home to more native Americans and tribal groups than any other state. From many individual tribal ceremonies and songs of the plains Indians has come the contemporary pow wow, an Indian gathering of many tribes, an intertribal blend of the old and the new. In the pow wow, a non-Indian might see the power and endurance of an athletic contest, the beauty and grace of a ballet, the color and display of a musical theatre in the round, the fellowship and feasting of a family reunion, the spiritual uplift of a prayer meeting, the patriotism of a veteran’s day parade, the variety of a crafts festival, the surprise and gift giving of a birthday celebration For native Americans, the pow wow is all of this and a way to come back to what holds them together as tribal people. For the next hour Native Americans who have grown up around the drum will introduce you INTO THE CIRCLE: an introduction to Native American pow wows Beginnings: Abe Conklin, Ponca/Osage: “You’ll hear a lot of different stories. I’ve been in places where I told
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