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Jermaine Patrick September 8, 2009 Sociology 526 Article Readings Chapter 1 Harris used an argument of skin color and latitude for his reasoning behind white was beautiful because white is healthy and black is beautiful because black is healthy. The correlation of the amounts of vitamin D and calcium and regional cloud cover during the winter. Fairer skinned individuals had a greater chance of getting skin cancer and rickets. Some cultures due to geographic location and an availability of fish are able to maintain vitamin d production without an abundance of sunlight exposure All of Europe lies north of 42 degrees latitude. The fairest skinned, non tanning individuals could maximize vitamin D production from the smallest doses of sunlight on their skin. The people could get calcium from the drinking of milk. The constant sunlight allowed an abundance of vitamin D and melanin produced in the bodies of darker skinned individuals. This greatly reduced the incidents of skin cancer among the darker skinned peoples. Thus parents desired darker skinned children in these areas to ensure lower risks of these skin maladies.
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2. Drawing the Color Line The early American settlers grew frustrated at despite having technological superiority over the native Americans. They were unable to survive off the land, and felt insulted by other white settlers who left their settlements to
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Assignment2Soc - Jermaine Patrick September 8 2009...

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