A Woman is a Woman

A Woman is a Woman - The movie "Une femme est Une femme"...

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The movie "Une femme est Une femme" was a breakthrough work of cinema done by Jean Luc Godard. The movie focused on a few days in a turbulent relationship between Angela and Emile. This movie was not a box office success, but over time has become a cinematic classic. Jean-Luc Godard was considered the father of the French new wave cinema movement. The movie opened with Angela singing and dancing out a strip club and talks of her desire to star in a musical. Angela did something else in her initial walk from the club to her apartment. She turned to the camera and talked to the audience about being a star in an American musical. She talked to the audience as though it was another person as an example of Wollen's article about separating fiction from reality. She goes down the street singing "I'd like to star in a musical with Cyd Charisse and Gene Kelly, and adds after doing a little dance, choreography by Bob Fosse,." the scene is suddenly transformed to an apartment, where the phone rings while Angela is frying an egg, so she tosses the egg up so that it sticks to the ceiling, runs to the other room to answer the phone, says just a second, runs back into the kitchen in time to catch the egg put it in a dish, and return to the phone to finish her conversation with Alfred. The problem of course, concerns the nature of the fantasies on the one hand, and the way in which they are presented in the film on the other hand, the way in which fantasy scenarios are related to
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A Woman is a Woman - The movie "Une femme est Une femme"...

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