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Jermaine Patrick Final Examination “What I Learned” This semester in Sociology 526, we spent a lot of reading the Gallagher text “The Color Line “ readings on various aspects of race. The main things that stuck out to me were the Tim Wise videos, the readings on anti-Arab racism, border patrolling, how foreign born blacks try to distance themselves from black Americans, the term referring to silent liberals ,media coverage of athletes legal difficulties, these were a few of the many things that stood out over the semester. This semester I learned of a term called “White Privilege”, I have a friend who is working on a PhD in gender studies and she always sent me articles on the subject. I just thought it was just an aspect of racism. I actually learned what it meant. It was more of a reference to the benefits of being born to the dominant group. One example the dominant group escapes stereotyping when the majority of convicted serial killers in the United States are white and male. You have never heard the public mention stay away from white men they will kill you. The dominant group is able to say that's only a small few of our group and does not entail all white males. The term was a reference to the ideology of the dominant group, whom the majority of members have no comprehension of the struggles or difficulties of the minority group. Another example of white privilege would be access to government loan programs which enabled asset building which allows families to have resources. The chapter which discussed anti-Arab racism, and since 9/11 people have labeled Arabs terrorists. Arab Americans wanted to fight against the negative stereotyping of Arabs and wanted to modify American policy to make it more balanced. The politics of exclusion will prevent debate on issues that reflect poorly on Israel. Anyone who comes out in support pf the Arab cause is labeled as a traitor or terrorist.
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This note was uploaded on 11/01/2010 for the course SOC 526 taught by Professor Sabir-owens during the Spring '09 term at Jackson State.

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Socio526FinalExam - Jermaine Patrick Final Examination What...

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