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rev3 - AST 301 Review questions for Exam#3 Exam date Friday...

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AST 301 Review questions for Exam #3 Exam date: Friday Dec. 5 1. Describe how a star (or protostar) changes if it generates more (or less) energy by nuclear fusion than it radiates from its surface. 2. Describe the changes that occur near the center of a star and in its envelope as it changes from a main-sequence star into a red giant. 3. Describe how a red giant becomes a planetary nebula and a white dwarf. 4. How does the pressure inside a white dwarf differ from normal gas pressure? 5. How do the processes that occur inside of massive stars lead to supernova explosions? 6. Describe neutron stars and pulsars. 7. Why do neutron stars rotate so quickly? Why couldn’t other stars rotate as quickly? 8. Describe black holes. 9. What evidence do we have that there is a very massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way? 10. Describe the Milky Way Galaxy, or spiral galaxies in general. 11. Describe the Standard Candle method of determining distances and how Cepheid variable stars are used as standard candles. 12.
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