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Motivation Theories CheckPoint My biggest theory agreement would have to be with the Diversity view. I agree that human beings are motivated by different things. One individual’s goals and purposes will always be different from others. Therefore, each individual has a different strive for their own success. I am convinced and agree that the diversity view rejects the idea that human behavior and experience can be reduced to a small set of basic drives or needs. Instead, it puts forth the common-sense proposition that when it comes to motive and goals, everybody is different . ( from : The personality psychology by Murray (1938) comes to light in today’s time that people live both in response to the past and in anticipation of the future. I couldn’t agree more. As part of human nature, I, along with others always remember our childhood and sometimes even incorporate it into our new parenthood. We often have a tendency to think back and start the stories of ‘when I was your age’. As we move through our daily lives,
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Unformatted text preview: we bind together our remembrances of things past and our expectations about what is to come. Now it’s time for my biggest disagreement. There are no views in Psychoanalytical that I agreed with. I strongly disagree with most key points. I believe we as human are responsible for our own actions. Therefore, there is no way that forces which we have no control determine ALL human behavior. As mentioned in the text by the 5 year old child, humans do what they do because they want to. We ARE masters of our own fate. We choose how we want to live our life and strive or fail to reach the ending resolution. The determining view of my disagreement is ‘We want too much that we can never have; we are destined, therefore, to be miserable.’ ( from : I would NEVER tell my child to aim her goals in life LOW because otherwise she will be destined for failure and disappointment!...
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