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WEEK 05 (Lecture outline) - Components of migration(Figure...

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DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS ECOS 3002 Second Semester, 2009 Week 5: Population Growth, Migration and Development (contd.) The Migration & Urbanisation Dilemma Urbanisation: trends & projections (Figure 7.3) (Figure 7.4) (Figure 7.5) (Figure 7.6) Role of the Urban Informal Sector Importance of informal employment in developing economies (Figure 7.8) Urban unemployment Youth unemployment (Figure 7.9) Women in the informal sector Migration and Development
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Unformatted text preview: Components of migration (Figure 7.10) Rural-to-urban migration was viewed positively until recently The current view • Toward an Economic Theory of Rural-Urban Migration A verbal description of the Todaro model (Figure 7.11) A diagrammatic presentation of the Harris-Todaro model (Figure 7.12) (Equation (7.1) Five policy implications • A Comprehensive Migration and Employment Strategy 2...
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