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Tutorial 1 06-01-10 - utorial T 1Workshop Wednesday6...

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     1 – Workshop     Wednesday 6     th     January     ECMT 1020 - Business and Economic Statistics B Aim: To extend the notion of hypothesis testing to proportions Instructions: 1. Complete the "Learning the Concepts" questions BEFORE attending your workshop. (The questions will be reviewed in class) 2. The "Applying the Concepts" the questions will be done in workshop. 3. Complete the "Review Questions" after attending your workshop. These questions are in multiple choice format and are posted on blackboard. Learning the Concepts Question 1 Which of the following would we term binary data? (a) Whether a woman in Australia worked full time last financial year, or otherwise (b) The number of hours worked by women in Australia during the last financial year. (c) Whether a person bought a car during the last month, or otherwise. (d) The amount of money spent of motor vehicle purchases by Australians during the last month. Question 2 A random sample of 100 observations taken from a binomial population resulted in 60 successes. Test the null hypothesis that the true proportion of successes in the population is 0.5 against the alternative that it is p ≠ 0.5. Use α = 0.05. 1
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Tutorial 1 06-01-10 - utorial T 1Workshop Wednesday6...

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