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ENGR 320_01 Fall 2010 (A Required Civil Engineering Course) 2008-2010 Catalog Description: (Credit, 2 hours) This course focuses on introduction to probability theory, discrete and continuous probability distributions, descriptive and inferential statistics, autocorrelation and cross correlation, regression, functions of random variables, analysis of variance, stochastic processes, and statistical modeling of engineering problems and their implications on quality. Prerequisite: MATH 265. Textbook: Navidi, William, Statistics for Engineers and Scientists , 2 nd Edition, McGraw-Hill , 2008. References: NCEES, FE Supplied-Reference Handbook, 8th edition, 2008 [Free download from Prerequisite Requirement: This course requires completion of MATH 265 (or equivalent) with a grade of C or better. All students, by signing the pre-requisite declaration form and by this entry in the syllabus, acknowledge compliance with the pre-requisite requirements as stated. Non-compliance will result in administrative withdrawal (“W”) from the course or a grade of “FN” Course Objectives: 1. To introduce the student to the fundamental concepts of probability and statistics as they relate to the field of engineering and technology 2. To develop a working knowledge of sampling, data collection and reduction and use of statistical data for graphical presentation and illustration. 3. To develop an understanding of statistical analysis, the measures of central tendency and dispersion and probability distribution. 4.
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ENGR320_01_Syllabus_Fall2010 - ENGR 320_01 PROBABILITY...

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