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9-29 Power and Political Systems

9-29 Power and Political Systems - Power and Political...

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Power and Political Systems A) Politics a. Notion of Power – the ability to exercise one’s will over others b. Authority – Socially approved use of power i. Some people can have power with no authority ii. Ascribed vs Achieved Status 1. Ascribed – Hereditary, royalty, etc. Being born into positions 2. Achieved – Through elections, actions, rise to power, etc. c. Socio-political organization i. Regulation or management of relations among groups and their representatives B) Classification of Political Systems a. Elman Service Sociopolitical Typology: i. Band 1. Typically small groups that can forage 2. Everyone lived in bands up till 10-12 thousand years ago 3. Kin-based, people related by blood to one another 4. No formal leaders, society is egalitarian 5. Example: Ju/’hoansi a. Live in Kalahari i. Used to live all throughout Southern Africa ii. Tribe 1. Roughly correlated with horticulture and pastoralism
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2. Couple hundred people 3. Very little social stratification 4. Leaders with achieved status 5. Example: a.
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