10-4 Consequences of Agriculture

10-4 Consequences of Agriculture - h Technological Advances...

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Consequences of Agriculture 1) Why Domesticate? a. Broad spectrum foraging i. They have too much time so they accidently made it b. Population pressure c. Circumscription theory d. Marginal zone decision making (Flannery) e. Increased familiarity or Oasis theory (Childe) f. Competitive feasting (Bender) – no evidence g. Hilly flanks – fertile land of Zagros h. KEY – Multiple strand theories – combine effects of climate, environment, population, technology, social organization, and diet 2) The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race? a. Shorter height for agriculturists b. More stratified society c. Women’s role was diminished i. Weren’t as important because they no longer had to carry around kids or pick berries d. Overpopulation e. More diseases because people live closer together f. Increased waste g. Environmental consequences i. Deforestation
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ii. Increased pesticides and chemicals
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Unformatted text preview: h. Technological Advances 3) Consequences of Early Agricuulture a. Paleopathology and skeletal biology i. Nutritional stress 1. Short stature 2. Enamel hypoplasia a. Only occurs after agriculture 3. Average age decreases ii. Arthritis 1. Due to workload iii. Disease patterns 1. Lesions iv. Porotic hyperostosis v. Tuberculosis vi. Family size larger 1. Shorter interbirth interval 2. Larger volume of food 3. Population density increases 4) Nutritional stress and disease a. 300 infections shared with domesticated animals b. Diseases spread easily living in close proximity 5) Consequences a. Permanent communities b. Social stratification i. Poverty, crime, taxes, military c. New technology and inventions d. Monumental architecture e. Writing f. Mathematics, weights, and measurements g. Trade and markets h. Urban environments...
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10-4 Consequences of Agriculture - h Technological Advances...

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