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10-6 Landscape Transformation

10-6 Landscape Transformation - Therefore all landscape is...

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Landscape Transformation A) Landscape – 1 st recorded in 1598 a. The visible features of an area of land including topography, flora and fauna, climate, light, human elements. b. Does not exist without an observer B) Old Ecological Views a. Idea that landscape exists separate of people that is untouched, unspoiled i. Conflict: People live everywhere ii. Separates humans from the wilderness iii. Karamastsaqui C) Anthropological Views a. Nature vs Culture? i. Dicotomemy – nature and people separate ii. Nature is taken advantage of by humans iii. New research says that culture and nature are indivisible and they both define each other D) Cultural Landscape a. Environment can be changed my humans (ponds, embankments, farming, etc.) E) KEY: All parts of the Earth have been affected by humans and their culture.
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Unformatted text preview: Therefore, all landscape is cultural landscape with more or less activity. F) Landscape Ecology a. Looks at the reciprocal effects of spatial pattern on ecological processes and the resulting changes. b. Niche construction i. Certain species change their environment that is beneficial for them but also for other species ii. Keystone species do this c. Human Construct i. What ends up existing in a place is a dialectic between what’s there and what culture defines as necessary ii. Culture trumps geography iii. Define biotic factors G) Emergent Property a. No such thing as a landscape and everything is chaos and its all about what you decide to do b....
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