Anthropology 820

Anthropology 820 - A nthropology Evolution and Natural...

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Anthropology 8/20/10 Evolution and Natural Selection How did people think about the origin of life before Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace? Creationism Western Philosophy – Essentialism Advocated by Plato Each kind of thing, even things with different varieties, has unchanging core of features Separated from all other kinds of with a sharp break Great Chain of Being Advocated by Aristotle Builds on essentialism Basis for Judeo-Christian Beliefs 3 Principles: -Continuity -Plentitude -Unilinear Graduation – axis of being to nonbeing. Advent of the Scientific Revolution Renaissance (1400’s-1700’s) Idea that the world could be understood by observing natural processes Galen, Vesalius, and Da Vinci: Human Dissection Geocentric vs. Heliocentric Universe – Copernicus and Gallileo Fixed Species and Status
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All species created by God and could not change Young Earth Hypothesis: Archbishop James Usher did it by basing it off the Bible Concluded that October 23, 4004 BC is the birthdate Catastrophism Georges Cuvier (1812) Natural disasters responsible for extinctions New species replace old KEY: History, guided by divine intervention, is progressive Uniformitarianism Charles Lyell Processes like erosion and uplift at work in past and present Deep time theory KEY: Time is cyclic, and history unfolds without requiring divine intervention after creation Transformational Evolution Jean-Baptiste Lamark (1809) Individuals adapt to environment, pass characteristics on to offspring Invokes: Law of Use and Disuse Inherited acquired characteristics Theory of Natural Selection (1859) Charles Darwin – Naturalist, Scientist
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Anthropology 820 - A nthropology Evolution and Natural...

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