Anthropology race and skin

Anthropology race and skin - A nthropology Race and Skin...

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Anthropology Race and Skin Color Ethnicity vs Race Ethnic Group – share language, religion, history, kinship, geography, or race Race – ethnic group assumed to have a biological basis – a cultural concept Defining Race: USA Hypodescent: One drop rule One drop of blood would classify you as that race Children classified with minority group parent Used historically to justify poor treatment Affects: Economic status, educational opportunity, residence, employment, prestige Defining Race: Brazil Racial identity can change 100+ terms to label race and is very flexible. . dependent on how you look History of slavery but different than US Correlations to economic status History of Race in Science Great Chain of Being Civilization + modernization = good Europeans were at top of human classification 1700’s Linneaus classifies 5 races of humans Blumenbach ties 5 human races to geography
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1800’s Darwin argues that all humans are one species Early 1900’s Eugenics Movement Race as social construct – 1930’s – Boas, Benedict, Zora Hurstn 1940’s – Ashley Montagu race is a social construct Current – More variation within a population (94%) than between populations (6% between racial groups) Justification of European superiority and slavery with science
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Anthropology race and skin - A nthropology Race and Skin...

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