Pathology 826

Pathology 826 - Pathology I mpact of modern agricultu re on...

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Pathology 8/26/10 Impact of modern agriculture on food supply Beneficial -High yielding crop cultivars, disease and insect resistance, drought tolerance N fixation etc. Increased prod. Efficiency with Fertilizers, irrigation, mechanical planting/harvesting, pesticides Detrimental Monocultures – uniform susceptibility - Plant breeding – breeding may compromise natural hardiness of plants – loss of plant diversity - Irrigation favors some plant disease - Fertilization – predispose plants to infection - Herbicides, mechanical harvesting and planting damage plants - No tillage or reduced tillage for soil conservation – allow pathogen survival - Global movement of plants – disseminate pathogens Anything that threatens our food supply threatens our existence - Pests: Insects, weeds, abnormal weather conditions, and microorganisms, pathogens - Plant diseases Pathology Lecture for Quiz Disease – makes something abnormal, sick, weak, nauseous, drowsy, other symptom. Caused by pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungus, nematodes, plants)
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Disease vs Injury: Injuries are spontaneous and diseases build up over time through continuous irritation. Disease – Any malfunctioning of host cells and tissues that results from continuous irritation by a pathogenic agent or environmental factor that leads to the development of symptoms Symptoms: Manifestation of the disease Injury: Damage to a plant resulting from transient irritation by some casual factor leading to malfunction of cells and tissues and development of symptoms. Types of Diseases:
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Pathology 826 - Pathology I mpact of modern agricultu re on...

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