Chestnut Blight

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ANTH/PATH 2010 Plants People and Pathogens CHESTNUT BLIGHT and the Plant Quarantine act: American Chestnut - Castaneae dentata NC 1910 IMPORTANCE Before 1900 Am. chestnut was most dominant hardwood tree eastern US 25% of trees in Appalachian forests chestnut stands spread from ME to FL
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trees reached 83 ft tall; 27’’ diam., 103 yrs old second to oak in usefulness and durability wood had beautiful grain ¾ excellent for house trim, furniture and flooring resistant to dry rot and weathering (branch-free for 50 ft ¾ well suited for telephone poles, rail road ties, fence posts and rails. tannins were used for curing leather humans and animals (wildlife) consumed nuts popular shade tree in yards and public parks.
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