PSY210_WK4_Checkpoint_(Effects of stress)_DD3

PSY210_WK4_Checkpoint_(Effects of stress)_DD3 - PSY/210...

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PSY/210 Week 4 Checkpoint Effects of Stress What steps of the general adaptation syndrome will I experience? The general Adaptation syndrome GAS or stress response contains three stages. I will go through all of these stages because my body’s initial reaction to the added amount of work is referred to alarm reaction. Within this stage my body is reacting to the added stress that has came with the new position. The next stage is the resistance stage; within this stage the body attempts to replace lost energy as well as start the repair process. The last stage is the exhaustion stage, is basically at the point in which your weakened resistance as well as deterioration. What emotional and cognitive effects might this stressor produce? The possible emotional and cognitive effects may include anxiety and or depression. Now in looking at the cognitive effects those may include, issue staying focused on the new position or task. Anxiety will cause all kinds of problems. From physical issues with
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PSY210_WK4_Checkpoint_(Effects of stress)_DD3 - PSY/210...

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