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BEH 225 Skinner Article - Punishment and reinforcement are...

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(1) Title: Skinner Article Name Jordan Miller Course: BEH 225 Due Date: Thursday, October 14, 2010 Instructor: Sondra Savage
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(2) By emphasizing the importance of making psychology a science, B.F. Skinner was able to measure particular behaviors that influenced cognitive psychology. The psychological theories developed by B.F. Skinner include superstitious behavior, operant conditioning, punishment, and reinforcement. With these theories in mind, Skinner developed the Skinner Box. This contraption is a metal cage with a pedal on one of the walls, that when pressed releases a food pellet into the cage. When the rodent presses the pedal and the food pellet is released, the rodent realizes the accomplishment and continuously presses the pedal and begins hoarding the food pellets. The operant behavior occurs before the rodent presses the pedal. The reinforcement is the pellet falling into the cage. If the rodent is punished for continuously pressing the pedal, the rodent will stop.
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Unformatted text preview: Punishment and reinforcement are applied to get the rodent to repeat or stop its operant behavior. The theory was that if this were successful on an animal, then it must surely work on human behavior as well. Included in Skinners research was superstitious behavior. In this particular type of research he chose to use pigeons to prove his theories. He used reinforcements to change the behavior of the pigeons. Since the pigeons believed that they must continue this behavior to keep receiving the reinforcement, the pigeons were deemed to be acting in a superstitious manner. This theory was also applied to humans. B.F. Skinners contributions to the psychological world were great in theory and action. By researching and successfully modifying animal and human behavior, the work of B.F. Skinner (3) has been a great success and will continue to be researched and experimented with for a long time to come....
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BEH 225 Skinner Article - Punishment and reinforcement are...

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