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Employee Resources - 11-28-07: Employee Resource Management...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-28-07: Employee Resource Management Tools • • • HRM o Set of organizational activities directed at attracting, developing, and maintaining an effective resource Planning (2) o Assess current and future needs But first look @ job analysis (building blocks of HRM) Job Description (3)/ Analysis (1) o Job description Formal, written description, duties and responsibilities Be clear and specific, provide insights to explain job o Job analysis Job specification (skills, credentials, qualifications of job) o Determined through study and observation Recruitment o Two ways Internal • Look inside the company External • Agencies/recruiters, word of mouth, internet Selection: New employees/legal issues o Fair labor standards act Set minimum wage of rates o Title 7 Outlaws discrimination on sex, race, color o Equal pay act Equal pay for women and min in same job o Age discrimination in employment act Cannon discriminate against old people o Americans with disabilities act Includes pregnancy o Methods used must be valid( related to job, hot girl) and reliable predictors of employee performance Ask same questions Interview ( by more than one person Resume Testing Performance appraisal o Methods used Rating scale, strengths/weaknesses, management by objective Valid and reliable Back page • • • • • • Training and career planning o Short term On the job training, classes o Long term Development Compensation o Total package of rewards Salary, bonuses, benefits, health insurance o Fair compensation Account amount for talent Termination o Employment at will (offer, not offer, hire, fire, take job, not take job) o Legal limitiations Employee contract Employment at will A part of union ...
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Employee Resources - 11-28-07: Employee Resource Management...

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