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Information Systems - Information Systems Guest speaker •...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-12-07: Information Systems, Guest speaker • Information systems o Touches every field in business o Constantly changing 1. Hardware 2. Software 3. Data 4. Procedures 5. People • Pay more for systems majors cause so many people are leaving and not enough coming in • Need o Gain competitive advantage Provide goods and services Make processes more efficient • Accounting software o Solve problems Steamboat ski watches o Make decisions • RFID tags o Chip combined with antenna used with inventory tracking o Know what have today and knows what to replace for tomorrow o All information is on one server o Used in anti-theft on clothes (magnetic sticker) • Systems o Thinking outside the box o Gain a comparative advantage • Systems and Problem Solving o Biometrics Scan your finger rather than card Terrorism Identity theft Underage drinking Border control • Systems and Decision Making o Knowledge management systems help decision making too Wikipedia Bizratem- to make purchase decisions • Type o Calculation systems – 1950 to 1980 o Functional systems- 1975 to 20.. o Integrated systems- 2000 to • Integrated cross functional o CRM • • • • • • • All processes that touch the systems o ERP All direct processes in organizations vendors SAP o Early leader in ERP Process redesign o Simulate processes o Buy software with processes built in Microworlds o Sim City o Online world o A lot less risky ERP and inherent processes o Integrates activities o Organizations must conform o Saves cost of designing new processes o Benefit from tested cross-departmental Di all with information o Business intelligence thru data mining o Knowledge about customers, competitors, internal and external envt o Imputs (data) -> transformation -> outputs (business intelligence) -> comparative advantage BI Tools o Reporting tools Assessments o Data mining tools Unsupervised and supervised Find data and relationships Customer information o Invasion of privacy o Deceptive o Data security o Reliability ...
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Information Systems - Information Systems Guest speaker •...

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