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Management- 1 - 11-26-07: Management- Employee Motivation...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-26-07: Management- Employee Motivation • • • • Suprime lending o Lending to people who don’t have good credit Reread general motors o Look for economy, recent info, interrelationships of functional areas Success of a business depends on the people there Human resource management o Process of hiring, developing, motivating, and evaluating employees to achieve organizational goals o Soft side very important What motivated employees • Motivation o Inner drive that directs a person’s behavior towards goals o A need/want satisfying process • Morale o Employees attitude toward his/her job, employer, and colleagues • Motivation Theories o Classic theory of management Scientific management and Frederick Taylor Money is sole motivator for workers, price-rated Specialization of labor One best way to do things- efficient o Hawthorne studies Beginning of concerns for social and psychological factors Give workers some attention • Extrinsic o Comes from others o Pay, benefits, days off, promotions • Intrinsic o Comes from inside of you o Pride, accomplishment Does everyone want say in his/her job? • People are motivated in different ways • Some would and some wouldn’t • 7 people who went to Sweden So what? Implications of views on employee motivation • Job itself is a motivational factor • Jobs can be designed to improve employee motivation • Traditional work systems- classic • Alternative work systems- intrinsic, theory y & z • Handout Manifestations of an unrewarding or unmotivating work environment • If don’t do it right o Low productivity o Employee turnover/ changing jobs o Absenteeism o Tardiness o Sabotage of work o Accidents o Interest in unions • Importance of motivational strategies o Fosters employee loyalty o Boosts productivity o Affects all relationships in organization o Influence promotion, pay, job design, training, and reporting relationships ...
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Management- 1 - 11-26-07: Management- Employee Motivation...

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