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Operations management - Operations Management Guest...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-14-07: Operations Management, Guest speakerWhat is it and why is it important?•“Making the product”oNot sexyoProducing goods and services•US lost share in 70s and 80s, needed a new approach•Development and administration of activities involved in transforming resources into goods. services, and ideas•“core” creation of goods and services•Operations includes tangible and intangible products•Differences in manufacturing and delivering servicesoGoodsTangibleUniform processUniform outputManufactured before purchaseCustomer not involvedMinimal customer contactOutput storedEasy to measure productivity/ qualityoServicesIntangibleCustomized processes, less efficiencySpecialized outputPerformed after purchaseCustomer participatesHigh touchOutput perishableHard to measure•New strategies needed into new economic environment need to regain comparative advantage for USWhat kinds of decisions do operations managers make?...
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Operations management - Operations Management Guest...

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