Place - Track with id cards 11 5-07 The Marketing Mix...

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10- 31-07 The Marketing Mix: The Place Direct selling o Sell directly to consumer Indirectly selling o Use of intermediaries Exhibition shows Middlemen/ Intermediaries o Wholesalers Sell directly from warehouse o Agents/Brokers Take commission when sell product Expedia, avon o Retailers Younkers Supply Chain Management o Long term partnerships among channel members to reduce costs, wastes, and time spent as being inventory Utility o Time String racket in 30 minutes o Place Have a location to go to o Form Tennis racket string just for your fit o Information Get advice which works best for you o Service Send racket back to store to get fixed Logistics o Physical distribution o Warehousing o Transportation o Materials handling
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Unformatted text preview: Track with id cards 11- 5-07 The Marketing Mix: Promotion • Communicating uses, features, values of a product to increase sales o Requires integration and coordination of promotion mix o Really hard to track which promotion is working o Hard to measure • Advertising o Paid to communicate with people Ad skipping on tv, TIVO • Personal selling o 1 on 1 contact o Expensive o Car sales & retail agents • Publicity o Public relations- community service Calvin Klein • Sales promotion o Coupons, rebates • Push strategy o Advertise to consumer • Pull strategy o Create demand from consumer o Ads for sleeping pills o You are asking for it...
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Place - Track with id cards 11 5-07 The Marketing Mix...

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