Test 1 - Energy E=MC^2 Comes from Natural gas, petroleum,...

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Energy E=MC^2 Comes from Natural gas, petroleum, and coal for the most part Most energy is used for industry and manufacturing sector o Then comes transportation sector Electricity is a secondary energy source o It stores and transports power Problems with Renewable energy o Cost is more expensive then fossil fuels o Wind and solar energy are not always available o For biomass, car emissions with not be reduced by substituting it for oil o Sources are not convenient for transportation when using it for cars Chemistry of Energy Nuclear Fusion: Power comes from the sun Nuclear Fission: Power comes from uranium Plants convert sunlight with efficiently of 1-2% Coal and oil is the result of stored sunlight over millions of years o Coal derived from plants on land or algae in swamps o Oil derived from photosynthetic diatoms in sea M King Hubbert o Known for prediction, fossil fuel era would be very short duration Fossil Fuels o Coal: 200-300 years very dangerous and has impact on environment o o Natural Gas: 60 years Fossil Fuels 86% of all US energy comes from fossil fuels Problems in future with fossil fuels o Quantities will peak and decline with next 100 years o Oil rich countries and geopolitical issues o Carbon gas emissions may cause climate change o Nonrenewable o Other environment impacts- mining, air pollutants Saudi Arabia makes most of the oil produced Shortage of fossil fuels would affect the transportation sector the most Russia has the most natural gas reserves United States has the most coal reserves Discoveries for making oil o Tar sands- found in Canada
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Test 1 - Energy E=MC^2 Comes from Natural gas, petroleum,...

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