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Draw a wave o Mark the crest, trough, and the wavelength Draw another wave, with double the wavelength and half the amplitude If the frequency of light is halved, the wavelength is doubled, halved, stays the same o Double What is the frequency of red light, at a wavelength of 700nm? Show work The wavelength of visible light is closest to 500 mm,.5 um, 500 nm o Circle all correct answers How far away is the moon if it takes 3 seconds for light from the moon to reach us? Draw the sun, moon and earth during an eclipse of the moon, and label the various parts of the shadow If the index of refraction of glass is 2.0, what is the speed of light in glass, show work Does light undergo total internal reflection when passing from air-glass or glass-
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Unformatted text preview: air Which light path is correct Draw a picture of light passing through a prism. Make the positions of the red and blue rays Sketch the light path from the sun to the clouds to the person that lead to the formation of a rainbow For a converging lens, ray incident on the lens parallel to the axis come together at the ___________ For a concave mirror, rays emerging from the __________ are reflected parallel to the axis 16-18 Draw rays to locate the image of this object in a converging(convex) lens Shaving mirror, draw rays to locate the object and magnified virtual image of your face If an object is 15 cm from a lens and image is 5 cm from a lens, what is the magnification...
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