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Unformatted text preview: Analysis Report Concept Project ALL STARS BAYMUHAMMET DEDABAYEV ULA YORULMAZ DERYA ALTINTA GKAY BATMAZ ERMAN TURGUT Executive Summary (3pts) This report related with a flash based instructional material. Its topic is Hareket ve Kuvvet for 5th grade students who take course of fen ve teknoloji. This subject includes these subtopics: Forces that make matter move. Contact forces Frictional Force Importance of Frictional Force on our life How does Fractional Force affect our life? Some forces definitions Water Resistance Air Resistance Forces that needs not to contact Magnets Form of Magnets and Features Importance of Magnets on our life Kind of magnets and usage of daily life Activities Tests 1 Our target group twelve years old children. According to Piagets Cognitive Development Theory, they are in the Concrete Operational Stage. They can easily understand and solve concrete problems. It is better for this children trying, exploring, playing, dealing with concrete objects instead of just reading, and listening. During development, we have implemented some interview with a few teachers. Also we have researched some books, for example school books, theory books. Moreover we have sought Talim Terbiye Kurulu web site. Another important aspect of project is instructional approach. Our material developed according to Reigeluths Concept Teaching Approach. According to this approach concept teaching should contain these steps sequentially first presenting a prototypical example, second facilitating discrimination (example and a matched non-example), third facilitate generalization (identifies most common variable characteristic). About context, this material can be used in a class, in laboratory, or in home as an assistant. It is not required a powerful PC. Flash player should be installed in computer. Computer should have speaker. Our goals are make student be aware of what motion and force in our life and help them to understand and learn this subject easily. To develop this material we also aim to help teachers. It is going to raise educational achievement via by illustrations, animations, instruction, sounds, videos, and tests. Goals for the instruction (7pts) Students will be able to know that what motion, force and species of motion are. Students will be able to solve the problems about motion, friction, importance of frictional force on our life, inactivity and etc. Students can comprehend events around them and they understand some things move according to rules of force and motion....
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This note was uploaded on 11/01/2010 for the course CENG ceng323 taught by Professor Ossmajani during the Spring '10 term at Middle East Technical University.

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analyze report_final version - Analysis Report Concept...

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