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CEIT 380 Fall 2009 CEIT 380 Assignments 1. Poster As a group, you will prepare a poster about your presentation teaching method/strategy. Your poster should apply the following criteria: 1. Poster should provide an overview and highlight the process for the teaching method 2. Overall appearance of the poster must encourage motivation. 3. There must not be any discrimination or unethical images or texts. 4. The poster should include visuals and text, and must apply the Visual Design Principles: Arrangement of visual and verbal elements Balance and weight of the visual and verbal elements Color Legibility Text elements: Style, size, spacing, color, use of capitals 2. Hypermedia Development As a group you are suppose to prepare a hypermedia environment. Hypermedia environment should include the following things: 1. Lesson Plans 2. Presentation Report 3. Poster 4. Edited video according to following: 1. Prepare subtopics that should be derived from your presentation report. Do not
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Unformatted text preview: copy the report completely. 2. These subtopics should include links to the related part of your presentation video. 3. The hypermedia environment should be prepared according to visual design principles. 3. Unit Plan Unit plan includes multiple lessons which are related. Each student is supposed to prepare a unit plan which will include lesson plan for their group presentation topic, and lesson plans for the related topic within the unit. If it is applicable, try to use different teaching methods for each lesson plan. You will include the following items for each lesson in your unit: CEIT 380 Fall 2009 1. Introduction (name of the course, grade level, unit, duration) 2. Context (Classroom climate, classroom setting) 3. Goals and objectives 4. Instructional materials 5. Implementation of the teaching method(s) 6. Proper assessment strategies...
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