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MEASUREMENT and EVALUATION In every area of life, we measure and evaluate something even if we are not aware of it. Measurement is used to determine whether the person has some kind of properties or not. When we measure someone, we determine some criteria to measure someone. Especially, measurement and evaluation is very important for education. For example, teacher gives us some quizzes or exams in the school. These are prepared according to some criteria. These measurement technics are implemented before or after teacher tells us about subject. Teacher may want to know how much we improve ourselves after s/he tells the subject. In addition to these technics, teacher measures us by observing as we all often implement this technics which is called observation. Measurement is very essential if we want to get good results after we complete some missions. If we measure the things that we want to measure step by step, we can find the mistakes easily and quickly if something goes terribly wrong. Therefore, our
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