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1. I did doing my own part of reports. I decided to scenario with help of Ozan and Gökay. I also played in video. It took too much time to create scenario and storyboard, also researches and interviews for content. 2. I learned that specifying rules at the beginning is important. In addition specifying dead line times is more important. 3. My Own Name: Bilal KABAKLI Rating:5 Comments: I did all my jobs as well. 1st Team Member Name:Yasin TASCI Rating:5 Comments: He worked so hard. Editing video is completely his job. He made it as well. Also he did
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Unformatted text preview: his own part of reports. 2nd Team Member Name:Gokay BATMAZ Rating:5 Comments: Gokay tried to work without complain. Especially, for instructional approach part he read too much. Also he helped to decide scenario. Also he did his own part of reports. 3rd Team Member Name:Ozan Rasit YURUM Rating:5 Comments:5 Ozan did great jobs. In instructional approach he read lots of document. He helped to decide scenario. Also he did his own part of reports....
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