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Goals for the instruction (7pts)(bilal) To be sum up as broadly, our goal is to present basic instruction about taking  photos.  The instructional material is going to be a guide for people who just start  photography. As well most of people may have taken photographs but to do this  as proper way which may lead to being a professional they need to make research  and practice. This material guides them by giving little basic information within a  very limited time. A big part of people do not know that they have to research when they start  photograph. They may be talented and very creative. However, like all arts or  professions, one must work very hard to do it properly. This material has  instructional objectives like what ‘shutter’ is but also it has a general goal which is  making them remember it is up to luck to get better and even it is impossible after 
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Unformatted text preview: if they do not look for information about photograph. Our instructional goal is what I describe above and here are the instructional objectives; • To list what features of photo machine one should be aware of, • To describe what the ‘frame’ is • To describe what the ‘shooter’, ‘aperture’ and ‘ISO’ are, • To be able to change these values as properly according to needs, • To describe what ‘mastering settings’ are and what they each means, • To describe options of ‘white balance’ settings and what they each means, • To describe how they can use ‘golden ratio’ in their work, • To describe what focus is and deep of field. Analysis Report for Procedure Learning. 1 07:04:42...
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