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CEIT 207 Design and Use of Instructional Material Fall 2008 Term Project - Analysis Report Group Members’ Names Summary Provide a summary about what you did for this Analysis phase in two or three sentences. Topic of the instruction Describe your project topic Provide information on what types of instructional materials exist as of today and how the selected unit is taught  currently Explain why you choose this topic and what you want to achieve with this project
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Unformatted text preview: Learner analysis • Identify general characteristics, specific entry competencies, and learning styles of learners Task/Content analysis • Write your instructional goal • State the main topics and the sub-topics you included in your instruction. Present these chunks logically in a task tree or concept map. Choose the format of the task analysis based on your learning outcome (procedural skills, intellectual skills, procedural and cognitive tasks, verbal information skills, concepts)...
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