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CEIT 207 Assignment 2 Report - CEIT 207 Assignment 2 Report...

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CEIT 207 Assignment 2 Report First of all, this assignment wasn’t easy for me because of its complexity and insufficient time. It was similar to the project at 1th years CEIT 133 course but it was given two weeks and everyone is alone. I have never used Captivate before. Therefore, to learn Captivate 2, I have tried so much but it is so hard both learn and apply it any project. Especially, the sound problem of Captivate 2 have struggled on me. I decided to record it with Nero and after that I would embed into the slides. And the scrolling problem in my slides, I started again to deal with tönemkhis problem so, this results with time consumption. Results of assignment I use text animation in my first slide to interest learners’ attention to the material I have prepared a classical content that includes all subjects and links to receive them in first slide. I prepared a help slide that aids students to learn how they are going to use things in this material.
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