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Design_Template - (whether you need some posters etc on the...

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CEIT 207 Design and Use of Instructional Material Fall 2008 Term Project – Design Report Template  Group Members’ Names Member name & email Member name & email Member name & email Member name & email Methods, media and materials, and justification for all  Explain the  methods  you will use and the  media  you will design.  Clarify how your methods, media, and materials complement each other.  Provide a rationale for your decision in regard to selection of methods, media and materials. Why they are  best for the instructional goals, content and learners?   Explain which technologies (product and process) you will use for developing the materials. Context of the instruction  Present the context that the instruction you design will take place.  In this part you need to report on: How the learning environment will be (lab, class, seating arrangements, number of students, darkness, walls 
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Unformatted text preview: (whether you need some posters etc. on the walls) etc.) • The media you needed to convey your instruction. • Learners’ role: What you expect from the learners before, during and after the instruction. • Teacher’s role: What the teacher will do before, during and after the instruction. Utilization of Materials • Explain how you are going to implement/use the materials in instructional settings. Describe the actual sequence of events/activities/materials that make up your instruction. The details you provide should be sufficient to help your readers visualize the entire flow of your instruction from beginning to end. Visual Design Sketches • Draw a storyboard for your materials. Explain how you applied visual principles. Management of the Project • Provide a timetable how you are going to follow for this term project....
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