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Kristin Stegall Eng 101-121 K. Wine March 26, 08 Tree of Hope Artwork is very intriguing and interpretation of artwork is useful when learning about inquiry in the humanities. The piece of art this paper will interpret is Tree of Hope by Frida Kahlo which she painted in 1946 and it is an oil on masonite panel. This paper will provide an interpretation of a painting using the four theoretical perspectives according to Kirscht and Schlenz and a response essay. Frida Kahlo’s painting represents her inner struggle with her physical and emotional pain throughout her life. This painting shows that she had to have strength through her weaknesses and that she found that strength in herself. This painting also represents the two different sides of herself she had to deal with and the fact that she had to live in pain and still show the world she was a strong and skilled artist. The history of this woman and this painting is heroic. She was in a bus accident at the age of eighteen which scarred her for life. She injured her pelvis, spinal column, and other organs around her abdomen which caused her to have over thirty operations throughout her lifetime. She was in constant pain until she died of complications from this same accident in 1954 (http://www.amybrown.net/women/frida.html). This self-portrait depicts two very different sides of Frida. The image of her on the left is laying on a gurney facing away from the viewer; she has open wounds on her back. Her hair is messy and she is only covered by sheets. This side of the portrait is in the daylight and there is a sun in the sky. The image of her on the right is sitting upright in a chair in front of the gurney. She is facing the viewer dressed in a bright red Mexican dress while holding a pink back brace and a flag that says “Tree of hope, stay firm.” (http://www.amybrown.net/women/frida.html).
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She is wearing the same kind of back brace that she is holding. This side of the portrait is in the darkness with the moon in the sky. The landscape is barren, dry, and eroded to the point of very deep cracks and crevices. The land is all the color of plant-less desert, but there is a dark abyss directly in front of the two women. There are many dark clouds in the sky behind the asymmetrical mountains in the far background. When interpreting art, elements must be involved to support your claim of what the art represents. According to Kirscht and Schlenz there are four different elements to use when interpreting art. The mimetic perspective of art means that what you interpret in the art reflects reality. The pragmatic perspective means that the art moves the viewer in some way as to
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Draft - Kristin Stegall Eng 101-121 K Wine Tree of Hope...

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