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GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY School of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE 3710-D - Circuits and Electronics Final Exam PRINTED NAME: So LtA'fOtJ Last ~D, NT First You have 170minutes from the beginning of the exam period to complete the attached material. Four handwritten equation sheets and a calculator are allowed during this exam. Follow the instructions for each question carefully. Work must be shown to receive full credit. Only the answers presented in the space provided will be graded. If extra space is required for calculations, use the back of the previous page. Please draw a box around your f'mal answers. Please read and sign the statement below. I have read the above instructions, and I pledge on my honor that I have neither given nor received unauthorized help on this examination, and will not discuss this exam with other students who have not taken the exam. Signature NODALandMESHANALYSIS (20 pts) SUPERPOSITION and POWER DISSIPATION (40 pts) EQUIVALENTCIRCillTS (20 pts) AC POWER and PHASOR REPRESENTATIONS (20 pts) AMPLIFIERS and BIASING (25 pts) (15 pts) (20 pts) (20 pts) (20 pts) TRANSISITORS < BINARY MATH and SEQUENTIAL CIRCillTS KARNAUGH MAP MINIMIZATION TRUTH TABLES and LOGIC GATE SYMBOLS ~ /80 t1AA'f I ND ~Vt 1 OTt1~f2-W cS€ Total
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NODAL and MESH ANALYSIS (20 points) DN aul2 i (5f;W ILM-) L IKE ~'r1$ - ScL4\J ft2-bVrO[D Va '-I PTS J EO-w '"IN' ~bA,.Jc:£ ANt> f'\ ul b6?. <,'" G..J t~~ fDR.G\'il N : ) 5 cos(3000t - 10°) 1 pH 1/6 pF rh 100 () ~ Produce the requested equations necessary to solve the above circuit in steady-state. (a) Write the nodal phasor equations needed to solve the above circuit, with all currents going into the nodes. Simplification is not necessary. (b) Write the mesh phasor equations needed to solve the above circuit, with all loops traversed
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FinalExam_ECE3710D_Spring2010_Solution - GEORGIA INSTITUTE...

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